Singer/Songwriter NYC grew up in Northern England, with his parents (Father from Mauritian and Chinese heritage and English Mother) and 3 younger brothers.


NYC spent his formative years with his family in the quiet country village of Appley Bridge, developing a love for music and writing.


NYC and his family moved house a few times over the years, moving all over the North West. Years later, as an adult, NYC went on to buy his original family home (that happened to come up for sale), back in Appley Bridge.

It is here that NYC wrote and recorded his debut album Breathless, in the same house that introduced him to his love for music as a child.


Breathless is a collection of 12 tracks that documents NYC's true life experiences, the highs and the lows, underpinned with themes that include overcoming adversity, pushing through the hard times and keeping faith that despite the toughest situation, there is always hope.


NYC's sound is influenced by the wide range of musical inspirations


NYC looks up to across multiple genres - from the anthemic rock/pop anthems of OneRepublic, Coldplay and The Script, to the soulful songs of singer/songwriters such as Stevie Wonder , Ed Sheeran and Damien Rice....the album has something for everyone, but ultimately looks to inspire people by providing a window into the soul of a man that just loves to write and perform songs from the heart.

Singer/Songwriter NYC has just completed writing, recording and producing the album “Breathless’. A collection of 12 tracks, each based on real life experiences. 


It’s underlying themes include overcoming adversity, pain, heartache and keeping faith and hope that no matter what the challenge, you will work through the difficult times and learn from the experiences to become better than you ever thought possible.


The lead single "The Life That You Wanted” tells the personal story of how one person saved the other, the journey they went on together and the hopes for the future and all the next steps that are to come and look forward to.

The songs range from anthemic pop/folk/rock songs such as “The One”, “Found My Way” and “Leave It Behind”, to melodic pop ballads, including “Unbroken”, “Fading Yesterday” and “In the Morning”.

Hope you enjoy listening and watching the music videos - more to come in 2016!!


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